Electronic Handyman Services



Welcome to SparxDSM!

We understand the world of electronics is a frustrating one, sometimes. But technology is advancing, and a part of everyone's world. From Education, to Repair, to Support: We at SparxDSM can help you navigate the world of electronics.

  • Computer Service
    (Troubleshooting, Repair, Cleaning, Software Installation, Upgrades, Virus Removal, Ordering Assistance)

    Windows, Mac, and Linux!

  • Internet Services
    (Setup, Configuration, Repair, Troubleshooting, Advanced Networking)

    Specialized in Wi-Fi performance tuning!

  • Mobile Electronics
    (Car Stereos, Mobile Video, Interior Speaker Replacement, Subwoofers, Tuning, Troubleshooting, Repair)

    The clearest sound in Des Moines!

  • Home Theatre
    (Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting, including Surround Sound and 4K)

    The best experience from your Entertainment Center!

  • Surveillance/Security
    (Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting)

    Secure your home or business!

  • Device Programming

    Tired of your Microwave clock flashing 12:00? We can help with that, along with anything else you may come across.

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